How To Plan A Kitchen Remodel


How To Plan A Kitchen Remodel 

One of the most popular rooms in the house that people love to renovate is the kitchen. Although a kitchen renovation is popular, it can be quite a challenging project since it can be expensive and become an extensive endeavor. This is why professional kitchen contractors are often hired to do a kitchen remodel. However, before hiring a contractor for a kitchen remodel, it is important to plan for the project. So, before you call a contractor, take a look at the following tips on how to plan a kitchen remodel. 

Be Realistic: Kitchen Needs versus Your Wants 

When planning a kitchen model, you may be overwhelmed by all of the luxurious kitchen items, appliances, and gadgets available. However, it is important to create a budget that fits your needs, or you may find yourself thousands of dollars in debt. Be practical, particularly if you have a tight budget or a budget that you cannot afford to go over. 

Start with basics, and look for deals on necessary items such as replacing old, worn-out appliances. In other words, be realistic about the cost as large kitchen remodels are not only time-consuming, but they can break your budget if you are not careful. Set a modest budget but add on 10 to 20% for unexpected costs. Remember to factor in contractor and labor costs, as well as material, taxes, delivery, etc. 

Research Quality Kitchen Materials 

Before you jump into the project, do your research. There are online remodel designs you can explore, and you can also visit home shows and home stores with kitchen showrooms. It can help you with selecting a layout, what you will put in the kitchen, the type of kitchen design, and the color scheme. Visiting showrooms and home stores will help you determine costs and what materials will meet your budget. 

It can really help your budget to buy quality materials you can afford. Quality and functionality are attributes to look for when selecting items for the kitchen remodel. Such items can include: kitchen appliances, cabinets, shelves, and countertops. Consider quality used materials if you are on a tight budget. Sometimes you can find high-end items on sales, as well as for sale at yard sales or flea markets. They may just need a bit of care. 

Plan a Kitchen Layout 

Think about the kitchen layout and design. Perhaps, you can draw up a layout. It is important to be able to freely move around a practical and functional kitchen.  A good kitchen remodeling contractor can assist with the layout in regards to comfort, convenience, as well as safety. You need to be aware of the proper spacing on the sides and back for various appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, oven and range, dishwasher, and kitchen cabinets. You also need space for food preparation. It is very inconvenient to have doors swing open and hit other things, and there can be damage. As well, people should be able to easily walk by each other, rather than tightly squeeze by each other. 

Consider a Kitchen Island 

Adding a kitchen island can give you more counter and storage space. However, an island can limit the number of people working comfortably in the kitchen, so you should consider how many people may be working in the room at one time. Create a make-shift island out of cardboard and wood-type posts to see how it feels to have a kitchen island for a couple of days. It is important for cabinet and refrigerator doors to be able to open easily, and also for a couple of people to be able to comfortably work in the kitchen. 

New Appliances 

A kitchen remodel is always a good time to consider new appliances. However, if you are on a budget, you have to be careful with what you decide to buy. Consider replacing the oldest, most worn appliance first. As well, rank the appliances according to the highest replacement priority, and then inspect them for possible replacement. It is beneficial to upgrade to energy star appliances. They are much more energy-efficient and add value to the home.


Range hoods are very beneficial as the ventilation system will remove exhaust out of the kitchen. It is important to be aware that the size and type of appliances you choose will affect the design process. Therefore, it is essential to consider how each appliance and the countertops and cabinets relate to your floor plan. 

Kitchen Home Warranty Plan 

When it comes to both new and older appliances, as well as other specific kitchen devices in the new kitchen remodel, it is essential to protect your investment. A kitchen home warranty plan is the ideal way to financially protect your investment. Plans can be customized and can cover a wide range of appliances and systems. 

Kitchen Home Warranty Coverage can include: 

Built-In Microwave


Garbage Disposal

Interior Electrical System

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Range / Oven / Cooktop

Refrigerator (Not Including Ice Maker)

Water Heater 

If you're planning on moving in the future, products and appliances with warranties are a real selling advantage. 

A kitchen remodel is an exciting time for homeowners. However, it can be stressful if you don’t plan for the project. When you plan for your kitchen remodel and hire a trusted contractor, you make the project run much more smoothly, and you stay within your budget so you end up with a kitchen you love.

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