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How To Cut Your Energy Bill In The Winter And Save More Money

How To Cut Your Energy Bill In The Winter And Save More Money With winter around the corner, it is time to think of the added expenses that accompany the cold season, along with other expenses, such as holiday shopping and hosting holiday parties. The winter season brings an increase in utility costs, particularly heating and lights. The good news is there are many ways to reduce utility costs during the winter. Below are a few easy ways to cut your energy bill in the winter and save more money.   Home Energy Audit   It is very helpful to perform an energy audit. Consider getting a professional home-energy audit. Hiring a professional to come to your home and assess your utility bills, energy use, identify any inefficiencies, and make recommendations can really help you lower your energy bills.   Reduce Water Heater Temperature   Heating the water in the hot water tank consumes energy so heat loss can increase energy usage. During winter, turning down the temperature of the

How Technology Can Make Homes More Efficient

How Technology Can Make Homes More Efficient   There are many benefits to integrating technology into our daily lives. Technology has made it much easier to manage such areas such as work and our personal lives. In fact, technology has allowed us to become more efficient in our daily lives. However, many people forget that technology can make our homes more efficient which can save hundreds or even thousands in repair/replacement bills, as well as save money on utility bills. Below is a list of ways technology can make your home more efficient.   Electricity Usage Monitor   An electricity use monitor allows you to calculate the cost to run any appliance or device in your home over a set period of time. By doing so, you can assess your use and make adjustments to reduce energy use. Just plug the specific appliance or device into the monitor and then plug the monitor into the outlet. The monitor will perform an assessment and provide such info as energy consumption per month.