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Why Buy a Home Warranty?

Why Buy a Home Warranty? When you own a home, repair or replacement of home systems and appliances are inevitable. Over time, systems and appliances become worn down due to normal wear and tear. HVAC units can slow down or completely stop working , appliances and electronics can break. Faucets can begin to leak, etc.  leak. Repair and replacement can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. This can be difficult for those on a budget. Rather than emptying the savings account or maxing out the credit card, many homeowners are purchasing home warranties to protect themselves from unforeseen repair or replacement costs. What is a Home Warranty A home warranty   or home service agreement, is a plan that provides coverage for unforeseen repair bills for items covered under the particular agreement that would not normally be covered under homeowners insurance or manufacturer's warranty. There are warranty plans that offer coverage for current and ageing home systems and appliances, r

Tips For Efficient Home Maintenance

Tips For Efficient Home Maintenance Because your home is likely the largest and most important investment you will ever make, it is essential to ensure it is properly maintained. Poorly maintained home systems and appliances can result in expensive repairs and replacements, as well as create home hazards. There are many ways homeowners can maintain their homes themselves and with help from professional service providers. The following are some tips on home maintenance to help you identify problems and keep your home systems and appliances running smoothly and efficiently. Exterior Home Maintenance Replacing a roof can be an expensive project. You can help your roof remain in excellent condition longer by taking care of roof issues. This will also help the heating and cooling systems run more efficiently and it will prevent leaks in the roof that cause water damage. You should also look for signs of foundation damage. Inspect the exterior foundation for cracks. Having cracks fille