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Optimizing Your Home For The Fall With 3 Easy Tips

  Now that the fall season is almost here, the winter is fast approaching. With the cooler days and nights, it is time to start optimizing your home for the fall . In other words, it is time for winterizing the home. Here are 3 easy tips you should do to help make your home safer, comfortable, and cheaper to maintain during fall and winter. 1. Clean and inspect your Furnace and Duct System During the summer, many homeowners neglect taking care of the furnace even if it's sending air conditioning throughout the home. Now that the temperature is dropping, it is time to get the heat pushing through the home again. This means the furnace and duct system may be filled with dirt and debris, allergens, pet dander, and possibly rodent droppings. Without a good cleaning you will likely be breathing bad air. General maintenance is recommended to keep the furnace running efficiently. You can clean or replace your furnace filter to improve the quality of the indoor air, and it keeps your fu

5 Scary Things New Homeowners Forget About When Buying A Home

5 Scary things new homeowners forget about when buying a home In recent months, mortgage rates have been going down so for many people, this may be a good time to buy a home. If you have never purchased a new home, there are a number of problematic issues to look for when searching for the perfect home for you. To help you have a successful home buying experience, below you will find a list of 5 Scary things new homeowners forget about when buying a home. 1. Abundance of trees and stumps When house hunting, it is important to examine the entire property. Trees and stumps too close to the home, garage, and septic system can cause future problems and expensive repairs. Tree roots can grow into the septic system causing damage, a tree too close to the house can fall down on the home during a windstorm, and a tree can fall onto a garage causing costly repairs. As well, tree stump roots close to the home can cause cracks in concrete garage floors. 2. The Scary “As Is” home   If y